Maduna Commodities Group has over the years developed relationships with crude oil suppliers across the world. We are able to source a number of crude specifications from our Suppliers.


Diesel is in high demand in Southern Africa. We have over the years linked up with a number of refineries across the world and we are able to land Diesel at highly competetive prices.


Maduna Commodities Group is able to provide both ULP95 and ULP93 at highly comepetetive prices to nation states and independent wholesalers and retailers.


MCG is able to provide you with bulk industrial and motor lubricants at a highly competetive price.


MCG is able to provide a range of Nitrate as well as Sulphur fertilisers to clients within the sub-region as well as beyond.


MCG is able to supply Butane, LPG and Propane on availability.

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