Our rice is sourced from Asia and South America. The product offering includes par-boiled rice as well as basmati rice. We are able to source and package the rice as per client requirements.


We source our flour from Eurasia. With Turkey being the  world leader in flour we have cultivated relationships that ensure that we are able to command impressive discounts.


Our sugar, both white and brown, is sourced from a number of countries - mostly in South America. We are also able to source molasses and ethanol.  


We at MCG are able to source and supply  a number of bean varieties in different grades depending on client requirements.


MCG is able to source both white corn and yellow corn. Through pur milling partners we are able to provide milling and packaging services as per client requirements.


Through our partner farms and abbattoirs we are able to source a variety of grades of beef as well as offals. We have access to both grass and grain fed beef.


MCG has access to several poultry farms that produce both free range eggs as well as cage free eggs.


MCG has access to farmers of the highest grades of wheat from across the world.


Our olive oils are sourced from conflict free areas such Spain, Portugal and Italy.

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